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My favorite place is the 61c Cafe in Pittsburgh.

This homepage is years out of date. I live in New York City and work at Google now. See how we've put places mentioned in books on maps. My main project is Google Goggles, which lets you search by pointing your phone and snapping a picture of what you want to know more about.

There be dragons below.


I defended my PhD thesis entitled `Cluster scheduling for explicitly-speculative tasks.' This work formed the Batchactive Scheduling Project summarized here. I completed this work while a graduate student in the Parallel Data Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University. I was advised by Garth Gibson. While an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I was involved with the Network of Workstations Project.

I worked on several publications.


I'm in the process of moving to New York City. I'm a huge fan of Pittsburgh.

See the pictures and read the story of a 3-day bike trip across the width of Italy that I did with Dushyanth Narayanan.

I play and study music. I study J.S. Bach. I play piano and write chorales and fugues. I also play drums in a band called The Fearnots (click through for upcoming shows). Find out about my old power-pop band called Barney's Bicycle. Download the music from Marble Madness and 720.

I am a cyclist. I participate in the Dirty Dozen Bicycle Race, which showcases 13 of the steepest hills within 10km of downtown Pittsburgh and in races sponsored by the Allegheny Cycling Association. Excellent pictures are available. My favorites are here and here, both sets of which were taken by Eno Thereska.


Francesca Maria Levett is my lovely niece. E-mail my sister Ioana, ipetrou@gmail.com, for the password to her site.

Read a collection of quotations.

James Wang took photos of our Italian vacation in December 1998.


e.mail dpetrou@gmail.com
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